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David Weekley Homes 2-Minute Tip: Changing Your HVAC Filter

Hi, I’m Maintenance Max and this is your2-minute Tip. Today we’re going to give you a few tipson changing your HVAC filter. Changing your filter is a simple yet necessarytask. You should change, clean or check your air filters on a quarterly basis.You can set up maintenance reminders on your personal buyer site at myDWhome.com. Be sure you select a filter with a Merv rating between Merv 8 and Merv 11. A clogged filter can slow air flow to your system and damage the fan motor. Thismeans that your air conditioner cannot run as efficiently as possible and itwill result in a higher energy bill. Excessive damage may render your airconditioner completely inoperable. Filters are generally located in a largemetal grill assembly in a hallway or ceiling. They will look larger andslightly different than the air registers found in other rooms. The grillwill have a swing down door that will allow you to access the actual filter.You can release the swing down door using the small plastic or metal tabs oneach side.Some filters can be located in the air handler unit in your attic or ina mechanical closet or room. These filters will be accessed through aslide-out assembly. If you have any questions about accessing this type offilter please contact our Warranty Service Team for assistance. Once youaccess the filter, simply remove the old filter and replace with a new filter.Many have an arrow on the side that indicates which way the air should flow.Always point the arrow up or toward the furnace. The filter for your fresh airsystem may also be located in the same return. You should check this filteranytime you are replacing the other filter and replace as needed..

Best AC Company in Phoenix Scottsdale AZ [HVAC Warranty Tip]

I’m very excited to have back with us today,we have Chris Hays with Hays Cooling & Heating. And tell us about your company. We were a small mom and pop shop that we started in 2001. We’ve grown to quite a few employees. I was going to say, look at you. We’re expanding. You’re all grown up. Yes, getting older. You’ve taken off. Okay and some of the stuff I know people,constantly I’m telling people, get your either air conditioner or heater serviced. Mainly the AC, because people wait until it’sway too long and then all of the sudden you know it’s forget it. They do, the other thing is that even witha new system you still have to maintain those new systems per the manufacturer warranty. Do you really? Yes. Okay so, I maintain mine, so I didn’t knowthat but I at least keep up with mine so we’re all good.They are starting to check and they are lookingat the records now, so they are coming back to us and asking us for the records and ifthe records aren’t there, they aren’t going to cover the warranty. Okay, and so if someone does have a problem,besides the fact that they do need to have you come out and do the maintenance, or justkind of maintain it. But if they do have an issue with somethingcan you guys come out and say okay, yes this needs to be replaced or yes, we can just fixit. Does it kind of go that way? That’s exactly what we’re good at and if yoursystem is older there’s a great promotion going on, 0% for 48 months and up to $1,000in an instant rebate from Hays Cooling and Heating. Get out, okay.Partnered with Trane. Well, that is fantastic, and we just loveTrane. Yes. Okay, so people can just give you a call andjust figure out what they need and you’re going to help them. That’s what we’re here for. I like it, well thank you so much for joiningus. Thanks for having us..