>> hello, i’m Olivier Bloch, i am a application manager in the Azure IoT staff and the video you are watching definitely is an introduction to the Azure IoT offerings and solution. So in a global where individuals and corporations are going via digital transformation, they absolutely are looking into IoT as one of the motives of that digital transformation or one of the vectors of that transformation. In order for me to walk you by way of what we have now right here at Azure, for IoT scenarios, what i’ll do is i’m going to put myself within the footwear of a organization and the very humans in that organization from exec to developer which are going via that method of their digital transformation. And so the first man or woman i will be is the specific exec who’s watching at that, how do i go by means of that transformation of bringing my trade from being about selling, in our case, HVAC methods, so my Contoso HVAC approach manufacturer in these days sells HVAC systems to huge firms.And what I wish to go closer to is without a doubt having some thing that enables me to prolong that trade, to vary that industry mannequin from simply promoting machines, to selling offerings round these machines. So the genuine corporation is relatively manufacturing these machines and selling them and our buyers, they acquire the machines and then we support them set up them after which essentially they ought to deal with the upkeep and the problems and of path when a problem happens we are available and we resolve the obstacle, but there may be downtime on the programs. There may be some inconvenience for no longer having the HVAC approach working and so forth. So what i am looking into as an exec surely is what are the things that i will do to vary that trade from being that very usual selling machines to promoting a service round it. And the inspiration here is to harnessing the capabilities of internet of matters solutions.Placing extra sensors on these HVAC techniques, utilizing the genuine ones, gathering that information and leverage the cloud with the intention to implement very wealthy analytics after which being capable to remotely reveal this laptop to predict the maintenance that’s wanted on these computer so that i will be able to not be in a reactive mode, but be in a proactive mode and then promote that carrier of being proactive and permit our buyers to lessen their rate and allow ourself additionally to have better margins and a broader scope in phrases of what we sell. So i’m watching at the solutions that are available in the market and that i see very very similar to exciting subject matters round information analytics in the cloud and far flung monitoring. I additionally see things as magic as like putting in a hololens and allowing some protection man or woman to actually visualize information from these machines which are talking to each other and speaking to the cloud, after which do that maintenance in that proactive and predictive means.So after I’ve seen all of that, essentially I need to fully grasp slightly higher where my trade is going. So what I wish to do is re-turn into back my HVAC promoting answer into selling that as a provider. What i need is to be ready to watch the HVAC methods which can be deployed at my buyers after which being capable to visualize when some thing goes to move wrong. Plan for upkeep prematurely. Not go do preservation on a device that doesn’t want it and quite very very similar to enable my customers to advantage from a full blown provider from Contoso HVAC provider that will allow them to now not need to mind about this solution and procedure. So I need to far off monitor all of that, I need to have predictive maintenance on my set up and i want to furnish dashboarding and insights to my buyers into what’s going on.So now to try this, I heard about Azure IoT and as an Exec what i will do is sincerely consult with the azureiotsuite.Com site..