Hello, Im Jeff Patterson with residence RepairTutor, and in todays video, Im going to exhibit you the way to substitute an old thermostat. Maybe youve received one thats historical andjust wishes to be replaced or youve obtained a more recent one that went kaput, just like the oneIve bought here its a digital thermostat, and it now not works after 10 years, whichis a bummer. But the good news is its super easy toreplace an historical thermostat thats not working anymore. So lets get to it. Of path, earlier than you do anything, flip thepower off to your heating and cooling procedure.Heres my historic thermostat; it turned offcause it was once tough-wired. And Im going to wire up a new Honeywellthermostat. Its RTHL2310, and its real easy. All you need to do is tilt the ancient thermostatforward and pull it off the base plate. Regularly, theres a pin connector thatholds the thermostat to the base plate along with 4 clips. When you’ve got an historical thermostat with mercury,put off it accurately. Take a photo of your present wiring. Thats going to aid you wire the brand new thermostat. But additionally, take into account of how the wires are wired. And youll need to label them with the appropriatelabels. As you’ll discover here, I labeled the fairway wirewith the G sticker.And the relaxation of the wires I labeled accordingto the old configurations. So thats why the blue wire has a W2 stickeron it. Remove the screws that hold the base plateto the wall, after which cautiously once I say carefully, I mean very cautiously holdthe wires with one hand and pull the base plate off the wall. You dont need the wires to return behindthe wall; its an actual affliction, and thats why I put a vice grip set of pliers on thewires to maintain them in situation.Drill holes within the wall that suit the baseplate, and put some blue tape on the wall to capture any of the dust. Location the blue inserts into the wall. Pound them into location with a hammer or thebase of your screwdriver, like me. Cautiously feed the base plate over the wires. And you can also ought to trim any of the wirescoming out of the wall thats what I needed to do right here. After which unscrew the small terminal screwusing a precision screwdriver. Stick the wires into their corresponding slots,and then tighten down the terminal. Get rid of the vice grip, and right here you go. Heres the wiring. I put the blue with the blue, G with the G,yellow with the yellow, W with the white, and R with pink. Relaxed the bottom plate to the wall. Eliminate your blue tape with the entire dirt onit I simply comfortably did that over the thermostat box that got here with the Honeywell thermostat.Put the batteries in. Take away the decal. And then be certain that this switch is setto both gasoline OR OIL or electric. I’ve an electrical furnace. Press the thermostat down onto the tabs. And youre almost performed. You must set the time for all programmablethermostats. Set the time. Hit the run button, and youre good to head. Now, the final thing you have got to do is setup the warmness, Off, or Cool, and then set the Fan to both Auto or On. Good, there you go. Thats the way you substitute an ancient thermostatthats not working anymore. And recall, if you happen to like this video, giveit a thumbs up over on YouTube in order that different folks can see it and advantage from all thedifferent hints. Which you can additionally click on the subscribe button. In case you like DIY movies perhaps youvegot a brand new house or an old condo thats new to you and that wishes plenty of work to it I suppose that youll like my videos because they share a ton of tremendous suggestions.All right, thanks for becoming a member of me in these days. I fairly appreciate your time. Sick see you within the next video. Take care!.