okay everyone thank you once again fortuning into our YouTube channel and the purpose of this video is if you haveinstalled a mini-split unit yourself or if you have bought one and it didn’tcome with enough refrigerant or maybe while you were putting in the flaredcopper lines on the inside and you had some refrigerant leak out of the systemjust like you see in this case here it’s starting to freeze up what you want todo first is you want to make sure that your refrigerant levels are up to parand what we’re going to do is connect this blue hose with these gauges on tothe connector down below now a standard connector like this one will not work soyou need to buy an adapter and that’s what we have here and I’ll post a linkon how you can get these as well but first you want to tighten it you want touse a little wrench make sure that it’s nice and tight and then you want to goahead and put this down at the bottom so we can get a reading so we’re going todo that next okay so as you can see down here I’vealready got my adapter in there and I made sure I tightened it well not onlyhere but here as well and what we’re gonna do is you open your low side andyou can tell if you’re doing this for the first time or you don’t know how totell it’s on your low side so some gauges will tell you low and high I meanthat’s as simple as it gets but it’s basically your blue hose you connect itto the access port don’t get confused with these two things here these arejust to open and close when you’re releasing the refrigerant so if you lookin there after you take these out you’ll see that you have a space for an Allenwrench that’s not for that for for what we’re doing here this is the part andyou’ll tell because if you were to remove this inside there’s like a littlepin that looks like a tire gauge it’s a straighter pal and that’s why you’regoing to connect your blue hose to so the sweet spot when you’re measuringyour psi down here you want it to be around the 117 120 range and you can seethis is about half so obviously it needs refrigerant so that’s how you can tellif your unit is not cooling very well or if you see some freezing like if you seesome freezing up here icing up and on the coils on the inside of your unitwhen you’re running in cooling mode that’s not a good sign so in this caseit obviously needs refrigerant so we’re going to go ahead and add it and to dothat we’re going to do another video and if you go ahead and click on the videothat will pop up on the screen it’ll take you straight to that so you can seehow we add refrigerant to it