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Can UV Light Kill Virus? HVAC UV Light Worth It?

according to a study Westinghouse didyears and years ago how much UVC energy does take to kill virus and they foundthat it made 55 microwatts to kill bacteria and viruses are UV c bulbs are1 90 so significantly stronger higher kill proportion higher productivity hi everybodywelcome back to the air of authority today we are talking about UV lightsseems like a timely topic to cover at this degree we’ve actually been sellingUV light and UV light methods for years as long as I can retain I have onemyself so today we’re gonna talk with Matt about how well they genuinely work ifa UV light can kill a virus and we’re gonna cover all of these frequentlyasked questions that we’re getting a good deal and satisfy agree if you’re ahomeowner and you would like weekly tips on how to improve your heating and airconditioning organization and save some coin so what the main question is coming into us is so we sell suburban UV lights to install in your heating andair conditioning system and what people want to know is can UV lights like thatkill viruses that’s that’s correct no UVC rays are used in a lot of differentindustries to kill and counteract and sterilize mow cleans more accurateword sterilizer virus manufactures across across the board it kind of got itsstart in meatpacking embeds they used to they still do before they shrinkwrapground beef it’s going down a conveyor belt and in it before it intention upshrinkwrapped it goes through a UV system light UVC light germicidallight onto that flesh to fumigate and kill any bacteria that might be on itbefore I get set out and now it’s in water treatment hospices are wheelingin they refer to them as robots but they’re literally a pillar that justshines light on the surface of the hospital room before they “ve brought” a newpatient and now the brand-new thing is there’s commodities being written it there they’recreating a on motors a manoeuvre that did a roll in between the in the alley of theairport and the airplane and they’re they’re glitter UVC light on the seedslavatory the alleys the specify of that again it waswelcome okay UBC razor perfectly effective itit sterilizing virus but that’s when the pond on these concoctions place theproducts are going right by a UV light how effective and we should also prefaceall of this by saying we are not medical parties we’re heating and airconditioning parties and we sell a make that helps with these situationsyeah and we’ve had homeowners that have had UV systems installed by us and andno exaggeration six months later has spoken about how they used to have totake you know medication for a particular allergy or asthma flare upsor whatever and and indeed had homeowners that has told us I don’t have to take itanymore and I’m not saying that’s the kind of be the case with everybody butUVC energy has been used for decades in hospices and medical facilities to tokill and clean germs viruses and bacteria and like you said we’re notmedical professionals but we are in an manufacture where we deal with airflow andwe likewise are residential service guys so we’re in people’s homes and the tighterwe do our residences the more we’re breathing in the same air over and overand over again and if one of your minors or spouse is coming back with a with a coldor the influenza you know without anything expediting and fumigating that virus inyour residence your likelihood of get it is pretty high-pitched what would you recommendif somebody was super intense on me I crave the best that there is available atleast for a residential home what would you recommend we have a two bulb unitthat our particular unit one bulb is UVC rays and that becomes out there andneutralizes and sterilizes germs bacteria and viruses so the CDC centerof Disease Control decorates that into a hazard tier extremely they call it dangerlevel two is they call it infectious operators so that’s germs bacteria virusesthings that determine us sick strep the common cold SARS you know the coronavirus fits into that and that’s what UVC helpsthe second bulb in our particular UV sterilization system that we have is thesecond bulb is for neutralizing and purifying the house of what sometimesreferred to as toxic compounds sometimes was related to as VOCs volatile organiccompounds that is the things like candles aerosols cleansers soaps youknow those little Glade plugins that parties enjoy so much better for breath you knowthese are all compounds that we breathe the make-up on the walls the carpet youknow is full of chemicals and we technically breathe that material all thetime and we really don’t ventilate our dwellings very well anymore so that littlebulb is helping neutralize those chemicals so yeah UV UV energy in ourparticular section we’re trying to take care of what the CDC says is dangerlevel 2 so infectious negotiators germs bacteria viruses and danger level 3which are those VOCs that I’m is a reference to and and those are those are the nastyones those are the ones that everybody has everybody if you have a carpet inyour house or coat on your walls there’s VOCs for chairman that presentin the house you want as close as you can get to hospital quality air whatwhat kind of system would you recommend well I’d recommend something forparticles for starters you know that’s a some type of an air cleaner everythinghas a size to it even the corona viruses you know got a size two at top one youknow microns so it’s very very small so that takes care of the particulates theparticles smoking dust mites those kind of things politic and more filterfiltration filtration and then danger level to is taken care of with UVCenergy which is what we’ve been referring to that everybody is doingright now and from China to the United Commonwealth sent to kill germs bacteria andviruses so that’s the UV unit and then in that same UV unit we’re able to helpremove those VOCs out of the house so we can kind of take care of all three ofthose chance status by the CDC two produces it’s somethingthat the general public really needs to be more and more aware of when it comes tojust the cleanliness of the air we breathe in our residences that if you wantcleaner fresher healthier breeze in your house there’s there’s alternatives out thereand UVC energy is is really a great channel to to get itall right thanks Matt all right thank you exam you

Part 1/8 Contoso HVAC’s Digital Transformation Through Internet of Things Solutions

>> hello, i’m Olivier Bloch, i am a application manager in the Azure IoT staff and the video you are watching definitely is an introduction to the Azure IoT offerings and solution. So in a global where individuals and corporations are going via digital transformation, they absolutely are looking into IoT as one of the motives of that digital transformation or one of the vectors of that transformation. In order for me to walk you by way of what we have now right here at Azure, for IoT scenarios, what i’ll do is i’m going to put myself within the footwear of a organization and the very humans in that organization from exec to developer which are going via that method of their digital transformation. And so the first man or woman i will be is the specific exec who’s watching at that, how do i go by means of that transformation of bringing my trade from being about selling, in our case, HVAC methods, so my Contoso HVAC approach manufacturer in these days sells HVAC systems to huge firms.And what I wish to go closer to is without a doubt having some thing that enables me to prolong that trade, to vary that industry mannequin from simply promoting machines, to selling offerings round these machines. So the genuine corporation is relatively manufacturing these machines and selling them and our buyers, they acquire the machines and then we support them set up them after which essentially they ought to deal with the upkeep and the problems and of path when a problem happens we are available and we resolve the obstacle, but there may be downtime on the programs. There may be some inconvenience for no longer having the HVAC approach working and so forth. So what i am looking into as an exec surely is what are the things that i will do to vary that trade from being that very usual selling machines to promoting a service round it. And the inspiration here is to harnessing the capabilities of internet of matters solutions.Placing extra sensors on these HVAC techniques, utilizing the genuine ones, gathering that information and leverage the cloud with the intention to implement very wealthy analytics after which being capable to remotely reveal this laptop to predict the maintenance that’s wanted on these computer so that i will be able to not be in a reactive mode, but be in a proactive mode and then promote that carrier of being proactive and permit our buyers to lessen their rate and allow ourself additionally to have better margins and a broader scope in phrases of what we sell. So i’m watching at the solutions that are available in the market and that i see very very similar to exciting subject matters round information analytics in the cloud and far flung monitoring. I additionally see things as magic as like putting in a hololens and allowing some protection man or woman to actually visualize information from these machines which are talking to each other and speaking to the cloud, after which do that maintenance in that proactive and predictive means.So after I’ve seen all of that, essentially I need to fully grasp slightly higher where my trade is going. So what I wish to do is re-turn into back my HVAC promoting answer into selling that as a provider. What i need is to be ready to watch the HVAC methods which can be deployed at my buyers after which being capable to visualize when some thing goes to move wrong. Plan for upkeep prematurely. Not go do preservation on a device that doesn’t want it and quite very very similar to enable my customers to advantage from a full blown provider from Contoso HVAC provider that will allow them to now not need to mind about this solution and procedure. So I need to far off monitor all of that, I need to have predictive maintenance on my set up and i want to furnish dashboarding and insights to my buyers into what’s going on.So now to try this, I heard about Azure IoT and as an Exec what i will do is sincerely consult with the azureiotsuite.Com site..

120V 240V Electricity explained – Split phase 3 wire

– good day there guys. Paul here from theengineeringmindset.Com. On this video we’re going to be finding out how three wire splitphase electricity supplies work to get a hundred and twenty and 240 volts. We will seem at how the electrical energy will get from the vigor stationover to the property after which how it’s connectedaround the property and each and every of the important add-ons. Now, this procedure is utilized in North the usa so we are going to be making use of theirterminology and colour coding. If you are from outside this area, then that you would be able to still follow alongside but your electrical systemwill work differently. We’ve got included that in a separate video. Do examine that out. Hyperlinks are in the videodescription down below. Remember electricity isdangerous and can be deadly. You must be qualified and equipped to hold out any electrical work. So, electricity is generatedat the vigour station which is most of the time located far away.The vigour station generatesAC alternating present and is hooked up to a step-up transformer. This transformer increasesthe voltage to shrink losses and is hooked up to the grid. The grid contains high-voltage electrical energy over long distances, overto the towns and cities. As soon as it reaches the cities and cities, it is going to enter a step-down transformer that allows you to decrease thevoltage to a safer stage. From here it is going to be disbursed locally into smaller circuits on distinct streets or organizations of homes. Connected to those distribution cables will be smaller transformers, ordinarily pole-mounted whichagain decrease the voltage down even additional to a degree safeenough for residential use. On the property willbe an electrical power meter so that you can quantify how much electrical power has been used and theelectricity company will use this to bill the property. The transformer will be connectedto the electrical power metre through some cables so they can both run above floor or underground. These cables might be two hotwires and a impartial wire. Throughout the transformer wehave two coils of wire. The major coil is connectedto the energy station and the 2d coil will beconnected to the property.The two scorching wires areconnected to every end of the secondary coil and the impartial is connectedto the centre of the coil. Now, do not fear aboutthat an excessive amount of for now. We’re going to look at thisagain later within the video to comprehend it. So, if we zoom into the property, we discover a important service panelwhich is regularly called a load centre or breaker field. If we get rid of the duvet and look inside of, we first to find the main breaker. This is often on the top of the panel nevertheless it maybe at the backside. The 2 hot wires fromthe electrical power metre will connect directly to thelugs on the fundamental breaker. Coming out of the primary breakerwill be two primary bus bars. These are basically uncovered metal sheets which lift electricityto the circuit breakers. Discover I’ve proven the present flowing backwards and forwards.That is considering the fact that this is ACor alternating current. These bus bars as good asthe lugs are not insulated, they are reside or scorching. The major breaker will also be manuallyflipped to reduce the power to the whole lot downstreamof the fundamental breaker. The main breaker will alsoprovide over present defense to the property. It is rated to manage a certainamount of electrical current passing by way of it, typicallybetween 100 and 200 amps. If this worth is surpassed thenit will shuttle mechanically to check out and protect the propertyand its electrical circuits. Throughout the panel, we additionally havea impartial and floor bus bar. That is basically a stripof metallic with plenty of holes and screws in it. The impartial and groundwires will take a seat in the holes and the screws will lock them in location. On this example, we have a block on both part of the panel. As this is a important panel, the two bus bars can be joined collectively so we’ve a connector bar between them. That method now we have a sharedneutral floor bus bar. Sub panels must have their bar separated however that’s a subject matter for a separate video.From the electrical power metre, we will have the neutralwire linked to the lug on the highest of the impartial floor bar. Realize the fairway screw. That is bonding the neutralbar to the metallic casing of the carrier panel. The rationale of theneutral bar is to come the used electricityback to the transformer. It does really get a littlebit more advanced than that however we’re gonna appear at that in a extra developed difficult video, this is just protecting the basics.So, the two scorching wires willprovide the electrical energy and once it’s used it willreturn to the transformer through the impartial bar. It’s nonetheless AC alternating present but to make it easier to imagine, I’ve handiest animated the currentflowing in a single direction so you will see that the path it will take. Now, if we had been to take our multimeter and fasten one result in the bus bar and the opposite lead to the neutral bar, we would get the readingof round one hundred twenty volts. For those who do not have already got a multimeter then I incredibly motivate youto get one for your toolkit. It’s essential for any electricaltesting and fault-discovering. Links down under for whichone to get and from where. If we connect the multimeterleads to the opposite bus bar and the impartial bar, we’d again get a reading of round 120 volts but when we connect the multimeterleads to the 2 bus bars then we get a reading of doublethat at around 240 volts.So, why is that? What’s taking place right here? So, when we look at how the transformer is hooked up to the fundamental panel, we now have the 2 scorching busbars related to both finish of the secondary coil within the transformer and then we take the impartial bus bar connected to the centreof the secondary coil. So clearly, when weconnect throughout the bus bar and the neutral bar, we’re simplest making use of 1/2 of the coil. So, we are only determining uphalf the electrical voltage the transformer can provide. So, that means we get 120 volts. After we hook up with the two bus bars, we’re connecting to thefull length of the coil. So, we’re choosing up the full voltage which the transformer can furnish. As a result, we get 240 volts. If you want to learnhow transformers work, then examine out our videoon transformer fundamentals. Hyperlinks for that down in thevideo description beneath. Now, coming again to the panelconnected to the bus bar, we will have our circuit breakers.These will look something like this with is black plastic casingand a toggle change on high. The circuit breaker controlsthe drift of electrical energy into person circuits in the property. It can be manuallytripped to cut the power but it surely also has two foremost elements. The first function is overload security. The circuit breaker is rated to control a collection quantity of electrical present. When home equipment or lightsare connected to the circuit they’ll every increasethe current in the circuit. If too many matters areplugged in and grew to become on then ultimately the current shall be more than the breaker canhandle and the breaker will robotically travel to cutthe vigour off to the circuit and guard the property. The second characteristic isshort-circuit safety. When the sizzling and neutralcome into direct contact with every other, the current will dramaticallyincrease almost immediately. When this happens, itcreates a magnetic field for you to trip the breaker andcut the energy routinely. Let’s have a look athow the circuit breaker is hooked up to the electrical circuit. In this instance, we will connectto a easy gentle fitting which is controlled through a swap.We take the scorching wirefrom the circuit breaker and run this to the switch. We then run another wire from the change and over to the light becoming. From the light fittingwe have a impartial wire which includes the return current again to the impartial bus bar. We take the bottom wirefrom the metallic casing of the sealing field and the swap and we also become a member of thisto the impartial bus bar as in this case it is shared. The reason of the scorching wire is to carry the electrical currentover to the light fitting. The purpose of theneutral wire is to hold the used electrical currentback to the important panel and then again to the transformer. The purpose of the groundwire is to furnish safeguard for a fault present. If for illustration, the scorching wire came loose and touched the metalcasing of the sunshine becoming, the ground wire providesa low resistance route back to the panel. With out this path electricitycould glide via you should you touch the metal box. As the current flowsthrough the bottom wire, it could develop the current and so as to shuttle thebreaker automatically.So, the electrical energy flowsthrough the scorching wire, by way of the primary breaker,down the major bus bar and into the circuit breaker. From there it flows along the sizzling wire, throughout the change and light then again along the neutral wire and into the neutral bus baralong the neutral bus bus wire and back to the transformer. I’ve animated this usingAC alternating present however to make it easierto fully grasp the path, I’ve shown it flowing ina single path now.We have now blanketed lighting circuits in detail in a separate video. Do investigate that out. Hyperlinks within the video description beneath. Ok, so what else could we find here? Well, we would to find adouble pole circuit breaker with a purpose to let us connect toboth bus bars to get 240 volts which we will use thepower better home equipment like dryers, levels andair conditioning units. If we appear at the dryer circuit example, we run the pink sizzling wirefrom the circuit breaker which is connected to themain bus bar number two and we run this to the receptacle. Then we run our black hotwire from the opposite terminal of the circuit breaker whichis connected to bus bar one and we join that tothe receptacle also. On this case, we’ve got the neutral wire related between the neutralbus bar and the receptacle in an effort to allow us to geteither a hundred and twenty or 240 volts from the outlet. Then we have a floor wireto provide a trustworthy route for any fault current. Now, we will either connectacross the 2 hot wires for our 240 volt connection or between the sizzling wireand the neutral wire to get 120 volt connection.We will also very likelyfind a GFCI circuit breaker which stands for groundfault circuit interrupter. This may increasingly look some thing like this and relying on the model you purchase, you’ll often have apigtailed impartial wire linked to it. GFCIs are required on distinctive circuits the place shops are used forplaces like kitchens, lavatories, hot tubs et cetera. You should check with theNational electric Code for certain important points. The GFCI breaker has boththe sizzling and the impartial flowing by means of it. This way that you would be able to measure thecurrent flowing from both wires and be certain they are equal. If we took a typical outlet, we would take a hot wire from the breaker and fix this to the outlet terminal. Then we take the impartial wireand run this again instantly to the circuit breaker to aspecific impartial terminal. We then join the pigtailwire into the neutral bus bar. This will furnish the return direction. And of direction, we run theground wire from the outlet back to the neutral floor bar. If we look at this illustration,the present is flowing most commonly unless the man sticks ascrewdriver into the socket.The electrical power then flows by means of him as a substitute of the impartial wire. The GFCI is measuring thecurrent in the two wires and notices that these aren’t equal. It then robotically tripsthe breaker to reduce the vigour and store the person’s existence. We would additionally come acrossan AFCI circuit breaker. This stands for arc faultcircuit interrupter. These are required forcircuits feeding bedrooms, hallways, kitchens et cetera. Once more, assess with theNational electrical Code for targeted small print. AFCIs work also by using being connected to each the hot and impartial wires. Inside of this circuitbreaker is a circuit board which is measuring the circuit and monitoring for patterns which indicate an arc fault is going on. These are installedpretty a lot identically to how we noticed the GFCI breaker. Below ordinary conditions, thecurrent flows by way of the scorching again through the neutral into the breaker and via the pigtail andback through the neutral bar. But if for illustration, a screwwas by chance inserted very close to the cableand eliminated the insulation to expose the copper wires, the electrical energy might now potentially bounce across or arc from the hotwire and into the neutral.The arc is extremely scorching and explanations most residentialelectrical fires. As the arc happens, itcreates a particular signal in the electrical cable. The circuit breaker can notice this and can automaticallytrip to reduce the vigor. Connected to the impartial floor bar will probably be a thick uninsulated copper wire which runs out of the bottom of the panel and off to the bottom rodwhich is pushed into the earth near the property. Under ordinary situations,no electrical current will drift via this wire. Its purpose is to dissipatehigh static voltages from things like lightning. This manner the electricalsystems and apparatus is protected from harm. Additionally, we willalso find a bonding wire to metallic pipe work in the property. That is to furnish a saferoute for electricity to drift must a hot wire come intocontact with a steel pipe and this way will preventa individual being electrocuted in the event that they were to touch the pipe work.Ok guys, that is it for this video but if you wish to continue your learning then check out one ofthe movies on reveal now and i’ll capture you therefor the next lesson. Recall to comply with us onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as theengineeringmindset.Com..

How to Replace an Old Thermostat — by Home Repair Tutor

Hello, Im Jeff Patterson with residence RepairTutor, and in todays video, Im going to exhibit you the way to substitute an old thermostat. Maybe youve received one thats historical andjust wishes to be replaced or youve obtained a more recent one that went kaput, just like the oneIve bought here its a digital thermostat, and it now not works after 10 years, whichis a bummer. But the good news is its super easy toreplace an historical thermostat thats not working anymore. So lets get to it. Of path, earlier than you do anything, flip thepower off to your heating and cooling procedure.Heres my historic thermostat; it turned offcause it was once tough-wired. And Im going to wire up a new Honeywellthermostat. Its RTHL2310, and its real easy. All you need to do is tilt the ancient thermostatforward and pull it off the base plate. Regularly, theres a pin connector thatholds the thermostat to the base plate along with 4 clips. When you’ve got an historical thermostat with mercury,put off it accurately. Take a photo of your present wiring. Thats going to aid you wire the brand new thermostat. But additionally, take into account of how the wires are wired. And youll need to label them with the appropriatelabels. As you’ll discover here, I labeled the fairway wirewith the G sticker.And the relaxation of the wires I labeled accordingto the old configurations. So thats why the blue wire has a W2 stickeron it. Remove the screws that hold the base plateto the wall, after which cautiously once I say carefully, I mean very cautiously holdthe wires with one hand and pull the base plate off the wall. You dont need the wires to return behindthe wall; its an actual affliction, and thats why I put a vice grip set of pliers on thewires to maintain them in situation.Drill holes within the wall that suit the baseplate, and put some blue tape on the wall to capture any of the dust. Location the blue inserts into the wall. Pound them into location with a hammer or thebase of your screwdriver, like me. Cautiously feed the base plate over the wires. And you can also ought to trim any of the wirescoming out of the wall thats what I needed to do right here. After which unscrew the small terminal screwusing a precision screwdriver. Stick the wires into their corresponding slots,and then tighten down the terminal. Get rid of the vice grip, and right here you go. Heres the wiring. I put the blue with the blue, G with the G,yellow with the yellow, W with the white, and R with pink. Relaxed the bottom plate to the wall. Eliminate your blue tape with the entire dirt onit I simply comfortably did that over the thermostat box that got here with the Honeywell thermostat.Put the batteries in. Take away the decal. And then be certain that this switch is setto both gasoline OR OIL or electric. I’ve an electrical furnace. Press the thermostat down onto the tabs. And youre almost performed. You must set the time for all programmablethermostats. Set the time. Hit the run button, and youre good to head. Now, the final thing you have got to do is setup the warmness, Off, or Cool, and then set the Fan to both Auto or On. Good, there you go. Thats the way you substitute an ancient thermostatthats not working anymore. And recall, if you happen to like this video, giveit a thumbs up over on YouTube in order that different folks can see it and advantage from all thedifferent hints. Which you can additionally click on the subscribe button. In case you like DIY movies perhaps youvegot a brand new house or an old condo thats new to you and that wishes plenty of work to it I suppose that youll like my videos because they share a ton of tremendous suggestions.All right, thanks for becoming a member of me in these days. I fairly appreciate your time. Sick see you within the next video. Take care!.

Adding zones to your HVAC system

[Music] 6:09 now imagine a home where all of the lights are tied to 1 change to turn on that switch they all come on good that’s how most homes are heated and cooled with only one thermostat well the authorities at Angie’s record say there are advantages to adding zones to your HVAC approach some rooms for your home stay warmer or cooler than others a zoning approach the combination of a zone panel thermostats and a sequence of dampeners can maintain temperatures more even say you’re asking for cooling upstairs the dampers for downstairs will shut and block off the bloodless air to downstairs after which the air conditioner will come on and all of your air will go upstairs zoning an ordinary two-story house expenditures round $2,500 the foremost time to put in a doning method is when the condo is being developed so if you are within the method of building speak to your builder and spot if it makes sense to your dwelling to zones with their possess thermostat works fine for many houses having extra zones doesn’t mean having bigger efficiency or financial savings putting in a zoning method isn’t going to make your dwelling more effective you are not gonna see it for your utility charges but what you’ll see is a much more at ease temperature in the course of your residence some men and women try to zone by closing registers in special rooms however gurus say that may sincerely do extra harm than excellent we are going to see how people shut every register within the first flooring to try to drive more upstairs but that can make the air conditioner run too cold and freeze up now Angie says most houses improvement from zoning mainly those with vaulted ceilings or a room above a storage many gigantic home windows matters like that she additionally recommends programmable thermostats for highest efficiency

eLearning Module: DriveWizard HVAC – Overview

Hello, i am Paul Avery i am probably the most product coaching engineers with Yaskawa’s technical training offerings group on this eLearning Module we will be discussing Yaskawa’s DriveWizard HVAC program. DriveWizard HVAC is a free windows-headquartered software tool designed to make commissioning and troubleshooting Yaskawa drives so simple as viable. First things first, in the event you do not already have DriveWizard HVAC be certain to download it from our internet site. It may be with ease found making use of the quest bar in the higher proper nook of the Yaskawa house page. Opt for the first search result for DriveWizard HVAC the web page the link will take you to will furnish a download program link DriveWizard HVAC is suitable with all Z1000 and Z1000U Drives and skip programs and most V1000 and E7 Drives. There is a gigantic quantity quantity of aspects in DriveWizard HVAC with that in mind, we will be able to ruin our Overview into shorter movies, every with a certain matter concerning DriveWizard HVAC. The video you are currently viewing is a short introduction effortlessly reviewing the topics so one can be mentioned. We can out with the fundamentals of force Wizard HVAC this includes insurance plan of the process requisites crucial to run DriveWizard and recommendations on putting in the program additionally the various connection ways will likely be verified including pointers for the driving force installation for the special forms of connections that require drivers.In the Programming section we will be able to explain everything there may be to programming your Yaskawa force utilizing DriveWizard HVAC. We will with studying and writing operations leading to the more than a few exporting and sharing choices moreover, you are going to be trained the pleasant technique to transmit critical parameters and screens to Yaskawa’s technical help staff. The third part will quilt Monitoring features This part touches on tips on how to access screens use customized shows investigate Statuses and also covers various tips for trending data. DriveWizard HVAC might also control the force correct from your computer.Section 4 will explain when and tips on how to make use of this device and in addition show the appropriate technique to disengage laptop manipulate of the drive and return control back to the power’s suitable manipulate scheme An foremost notion to realise is that DriveWizard HVAC operates with a database because of this parameters listed in the program are pulled from hooked up databases relying on the pressure’s firmware this will likely be discussed extra in section 5. There are some beautiful strong instruments within DriveWizard HVAC the application Wizard makes setup so much simpler chiefly for any individual new to drives also the once tedious undertaking of jumping from an older VFD generation to the most recent new release will show to be a lot less difficult whenever you acquire an working out of the Convert task instrument. DriveWizard HVAC’s support menu is explored in the final section and we will show the right way to navigate via the potent support menu. There’s various customization that may also be performed inside this menu. Finally, the software update characteristic is discussed..

HVAC Tech School: How to Read AirFlow Differential Pressure?

hi control transcommunity this is Eric Strom quits with control trends smart building and HVAC control news you can use get a lot of questions on the website about Magna hillock gages and how they work think about this way the doctor checks your blood pressure for a reason because basically that pressure allows the blood to flow from your heart through your body if you get a card you got a problem same thing with your buildings and same things with your homes if strict ins like dirty air filters or other restrictions that keep the air from flowing then you have to troubleshoot it because the tenants are not going to be happy so how do you do this well in this video I’m going to talk about a tried-and-true the dwyer Magna healing gage so check it out it’s a short video watch it to the end if you liked it please subscribe to the YouTube channel and give us a life okay so let’s look at the basic Magna heal it gage and as you can see it’s a couple things just a set of magnets it is a center that’s actually senses the differential pressure of the static pressure and then it’s a helix that winds and unwinds as the magnet is pulled from side to side you can see how this works in this particular little video clip here okay you can use these gauges in a lot of different ways typically what you’re going to use it for is to diagnose airflow problems in a unit so to do that you’d be basically putting a pitot tube or some sort of Center in the supply and one in the return and the most important thing to remember that is if you got a pitot tube number that 90-degree end goes into your airflow if you get it backwards it’ll miss your readings up okay so once you get the supply and the return hooked up you’re ready to go you can either read it directly off of the magnet hillock and essentially your equipment will have differential pressure rating that the equipment’s operating optimally at if it’s not in that range then you know you got a problem could be a dirty air flow filter or something could be clogging up your ductwork okay many many uses of this you can use it on your AC units your furnaces you can use in commercial applications too but it’s all based around air flow you’ve got to get the air flow through the system now at Strom plus we still Strom Coast combat is we still sell Magna helix it’s especially the Dwyer Magna hillock is one of the all-time greats still works really well a lot of people have popped over to the electronic ones we stock test oh and a couple of other brands that are really great same principle suffers electronic reading and now we even got to bluetooth so you can actually is your phone to do your Diagnostics okay so I will put some links some individual mag flow meters in the in the notes below so if you’re looking for a mag flow meter then click the links take you right to the Strom quest comm website alright if you like this video please subscribe to our YouTube channel and give us a thumbs up have any questions reach out in comments

Testing for Leaks in New HVAC Units

Alright, we’re getting close to the end gamehere. We’re wrapping this job up. The old unit’s tore out, the new unit’s in. We’ve got all our joints ordered. Now George, tell us a little bit about whatwe got going on her with these gauges. Well, we to make sure our leak, uh, solidjoints don’t have no leaks in em, uh, we put nitrogen on freon lines. We pressurize it up to 200lbs, we’ve had itsittin about 2 hours still at 200 so we know we’ve done the sauder joints don’t have anyleaks.This is also going to help absorb any moisturethat may be in the air since we had it open while we were doing our brazing joints. We put nitrogen through while we were brazing,but this just is, is a safety check to make sure we have no leaks. Get a little, uh, moisture that may be inthe lines to help dry it out before we hook the vacuum pump up. Nitrogen doesn’t hurt anything. It’s not gonna effect the ozone, it’s notgonna cause a fire or anything. We’re just gonna let it go and it don’t causeany harm to the system, don’t cause any harm to the atmosphere, the environment or anything,so. And we basically protected us and protectedthe homeowner.We’ve insured that number one, our six jointsthat we saudered aren’t leaking. That’s insurance, we know that our system’sright. We know number two that we know that we’vecleaned the system properly, that it’s been saudered and charged and the charge is gonnabe right. And number three is we get any extra moistureout of it. Is that correct? That’s right. Alright..

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