according to a study Westinghouse didyears and years ago how much UVC energy does take to kill virus and they foundthat it made 55 microwatts to kill bacteria and viruses are UV c bulbs are1 90 so significantly stronger higher kill proportion higher productivity hi everybodywelcome back to the air of authority today we are talking about UV lightsseems like a timely topic to cover at this degree we’ve actually been sellingUV light and UV light methods for years as long as I can retain I have onemyself so today we’re gonna talk with Matt about how well they genuinely work ifa UV light can kill a virus and we’re gonna cover all of these frequentlyasked questions that we’re getting a good deal and satisfy agree if you’re ahomeowner and you would like weekly tips on how to improve your heating and airconditioning organization and save some coin so what the main question is coming into us is so we sell suburban UV lights to install in your heating andair conditioning system and what people want to know is can UV lights like thatkill viruses that’s that’s correct no UVC rays are used in a lot of differentindustries to kill and counteract and sterilize mow cleans more accurateword sterilizer virus manufactures across across the board it kind of got itsstart in meatpacking embeds they used to they still do before they shrinkwrapground beef it’s going down a conveyor belt and in it before it intention upshrinkwrapped it goes through a UV system light UVC light germicidallight onto that flesh to fumigate and kill any bacteria that might be on itbefore I get set out and now it’s in water treatment hospices are wheelingin they refer to them as robots but they’re literally a pillar that justshines light on the surface of the hospital room before they “ve brought” a newpatient and now the brand-new thing is there’s commodities being written it there they’recreating a on motors a manoeuvre that did a roll in between the in the alley of theairport and the airplane and they’re they’re glitter UVC light on the seedslavatory the alleys the specify of that again it waswelcome okay UBC razor perfectly effective itit sterilizing virus but that’s when the pond on these concoctions place theproducts are going right by a UV light how effective and we should also prefaceall of this by saying we are not medical parties we’re heating and airconditioning parties and we sell a make that helps with these situationsyeah and we’ve had homeowners that have had UV systems installed by us and andno exaggeration six months later has spoken about how they used to have totake you know medication for a particular allergy or asthma flare upsor whatever and and indeed had homeowners that has told us I don’t have to take itanymore and I’m not saying that’s the kind of be the case with everybody butUVC energy has been used for decades in hospices and medical facilities to tokill and clean germs viruses and bacteria and like you said we’re notmedical professionals but we are in an manufacture where we deal with airflow andwe likewise are residential service guys so we’re in people’s homes and the tighterwe do our residences the more we’re breathing in the same air over and overand over again and if one of your minors or spouse is coming back with a with a coldor the influenza you know without anything expediting and fumigating that virus inyour residence your likelihood of get it is pretty high-pitched what would you recommendif somebody was super intense on me I crave the best that there is available atleast for a residential home what would you recommend we have a two bulb unitthat our particular unit one bulb is UVC rays and that becomes out there andneutralizes and sterilizes germs bacteria and viruses so the CDC centerof Disease Control decorates that into a hazard tier extremely they call it dangerlevel two is they call it infectious operators so that’s germs bacteria virusesthings that determine us sick strep the common cold SARS you know the coronavirus fits into that and that’s what UVC helpsthe second bulb in our particular UV sterilization system that we have is thesecond bulb is for neutralizing and purifying the house of what sometimesreferred to as toxic compounds sometimes was related to as VOCs volatile organiccompounds that is the things like candles aerosols cleansers soaps youknow those little Glade plugins that parties enjoy so much better for breath you knowthese are all compounds that we breathe the make-up on the walls the carpet youknow is full of chemicals and we technically breathe that material all thetime and we really don’t ventilate our dwellings very well anymore so that littlebulb is helping neutralize those chemicals so yeah UV UV energy in ourparticular section we’re trying to take care of what the CDC says is dangerlevel 2 so infectious negotiators germs bacteria viruses and danger level 3which are those VOCs that I’m is a reference to and and those are those are the nastyones those are the ones that everybody has everybody if you have a carpet inyour house or coat on your walls there’s VOCs for chairman that presentin the house you want as close as you can get to hospital quality air whatwhat kind of system would you recommend well I’d recommend something forparticles for starters you know that’s a some type of an air cleaner everythinghas a size to it even the corona viruses you know got a size two at top one youknow microns so it’s very very small so that takes care of the particulates theparticles smoking dust mites those kind of things politic and more filterfiltration filtration and then danger level to is taken care of with UVCenergy which is what we’ve been referring to that everybody is doingright now and from China to the United Commonwealth sent to kill germs bacteria andviruses so that’s the UV unit and then in that same UV unit we’re able to helpremove those VOCs out of the house so we can kind of take care of all three ofthose chance status by the CDC two produces it’s somethingthat the general public really needs to be more and more aware of when it comes tojust the cleanliness of the air we breathe in our residences that if you wantcleaner fresher healthier breeze in your house there’s there’s alternatives out thereand UVC energy is is really a great channel to to get itall right thanks Matt all right thank you exam you