[Music] 6:09 now imagine a home where all of the lights are tied to 1 change to turn on that switch they all come on good that’s how most homes are heated and cooled with only one thermostat well the authorities at Angie’s record say there are advantages to adding zones to your HVAC approach some rooms for your home stay warmer or cooler than others a zoning approach the combination of a zone panel thermostats and a sequence of dampeners can maintain temperatures more even say you’re asking for cooling upstairs the dampers for downstairs will shut and block off the bloodless air to downstairs after which the air conditioner will come on and all of your air will go upstairs zoning an ordinary two-story house expenditures round $2,500 the foremost time to put in a doning method is when the condo is being developed so if you are within the method of building speak to your builder and spot if it makes sense to your dwelling to zones with their possess thermostat works fine for many houses having extra zones doesn’t mean having bigger efficiency or financial savings putting in a zoning method isn’t going to make your dwelling more effective you are not gonna see it for your utility charges but what you’ll see is a much more at ease temperature in the course of your residence some men and women try to zone by closing registers in special rooms however gurus say that may sincerely do extra harm than excellent we are going to see how people shut every register within the first flooring to try to drive more upstairs but that can make the air conditioner run too cold and freeze up now Angie says most houses improvement from zoning mainly those with vaulted ceilings or a room above a storage many gigantic home windows matters like that she additionally recommends programmable thermostats for highest efficiency